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Why is creativity low in Africa?



Why is creativity low in Africa? 53



To exist in Africa itself calls for creativity to see the next day.

Until you visit Africa, you have no idea about creativity. Africans have little technological advances, tools and mechanization.

They have invented, designed and crafted their own tools to simplify their daily challenges.

The developed world would call their creativity rudimentary, uninspired and even native.

The uninformed would be surprised to know that the do called developed world exists from the creative ideas they stole it copied from Africa.

The ‘tetrapak’ is designed like the pyramids of Egypt. The developed world was not involved in the idea of the preservation capabilities of the pyramid.

The earliest university produced many learned scholars. Europe came to Africa for higher learning. Most of Europe copied African architectural design that exist today.

Developed world museums are stocked with African items purloined from African countries.

Most advanced military strategists have as yet to know how Shaka Zulu overcame the might of guns and cannons with mere assegais and animal-skin shields. Shaka and his people faced an enemy that was schooled and trained in the art of war.

Africans use herbs from indigenous plants which they have creatively tested over time to cure diseases.

The creativity of the Africans is legend but the developed world belittles Africans as natives.

Comically, people in the developed world are not natives but nationals and inhabitants!